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Ortho Equine Complete Comfort Boots provide comfortable, no-sweat support for your horse while protecting from dirt and debris. Our Comfort Boots are lined with Intellitemp™, a breathable, temperature-regulating material designed to keep skin a comfortable temperature (83° F). Made in the U.S.A.

Design your own boots by selecting your own boot and binding color. Our Designer Series features stylish, patterned straps.

Complete Comfort Boots Designer Series

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Pony Boots

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No-Turn Bell Boots

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Ortho Equine offers all-natural, competition-safe equine and multi-species supplements for health and performance.

We integrate smart innovation in our signature products for horses and riders, such as temperature-regulating liners and infrared technology.

A family-owned company, proud to be based in Kansas and offer products crafted in the U.S.A.

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No-Sweat Support
Comfort Boots

Customize Your Design


“I have used Ortho-Equine products since January. I have found that the boots provide excellent support to my horses. I like that it can be hot outside and the boots keep my horses legs cool. I use the Electro-Boost as well. The first time I used it was when my horse was starting to tie up the night before I was up at the Denver Stock show. I gave him the Electro-Boost, and was able to use him the next morning. That was amazing. Usually when he ties up, he is out a few weeks. I have used Electro-Boost ever since. I use it when I travel, when it is hot, and when I know that my horses are going to be used pretty hard. I really like not worrying about my equipment.”
-Travis Tryan

“My name is Chris Steiner. I run with the American West 4D in California. I was fortunate and lucky enough to win 3rd in the 3D average at the Wine Country Classic in Clements, CA and won a pair of the Comfort Boot sports medicine boots. I just want to say THANK YOU!!! You have a great product. Before I won this pair, I had purchased a set the day before and ran my second consecutive placing run (placed 3rd in 3D both days). Thanks again for sponsoring this event by donating your product.”
-Chris Steiner